Sunday, March 6, 2011

Gold Canyon: Candles? REALLY?

Curt and Karen Waisath
More and more people are turning to home-based businesses to supplement or even replace their household incomes.  One home business that was started in the kitchen of Curt and Karen Waisath in 1997 is Gold Canyon.   Gold Canyon is a party-plan candle business with more than 25,000 Independent Demonstrators across North America. This third party review might just help you to cut to the chase and find out what Gold Canyon is really about.

Gold Canyon Products

Karen Waisath started making scented candles from her home to provide ambiance to her household.  Word quickly got out and within one year, the Waisaths were producing 26 candles in four different sizes.  Gold Canyon does not stop at candles.  Included in their product lineup are fragrances, essential oils for natural cleaners and The Gold Canyon Look Book which provides tips for home decorating.

Gold Canyon Business Opportunity

Aspiring home business owners get started with Gold Canyon by becoming home demonstrators.  You may start with a Sampler Kit at a cost of $99 or a Full Kit for $150.  In order to get the most out of the compensation plan, demonstrators are encouraged participate in the monthly autoship.  Demonstrators earn commissions on their personal sales as well as overrides from others within their organization.  Other incentives are offered for hosting demonstration parties.  Demonstrators are also provided with a company generated website where they can sell Gold Canyon products online.

The Verdict

Gold Canyon presents a viable and immensely popular product.  Candles have a huge market accounting for some 15 billion dollars in sales in 2010.  The highly consumable nature of the product ensures that repeat customers are almost guaranteed.  However, the candle business is highly competitive.  If you are interested in this business opportunity, your success will most likely be time consuming in the beginning by attaining clients through hosting parties.  

Due to the highly competitive nature of this market, your success will be determined on how well you are able to set yourself apart from your competitors.  Learning to brand yourself and your business is the first step to becoming an authority in your own right.  Help is available within a supportive team environment to leverage your unique abilities to build your business right out of the gate. Get free leads and free training!  Find out more on branding yourself and your business at
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