Friday, March 4, 2011

Zamzuu: Junk or Jackpot?

Welcome to! If you are checking out this review, chances are you’re considering signing up as a Zamzuu broker.  Before you whip out your credit card, take a closer look at Zamzuu’s structure so that you can make a sound decision about the company and the opportunity.  

What is Zamzuu?  What do they Market?
Zamzuu Free Business!

Zamzuu’s concept is simple.  All distributors have to do is share a company generated website that boasts more than 700 stores that people are shopping at every single day already.  Their business model not only includes retailers like Walmart, Best Buy, Macy’s and;  they also feature specialty shops like Gina Alexander photo handbags, Crystal Memories, and  Chae Organics.  A travel booking engine comparable to Travelocity, Orbitz and is also included with every free website.  With all Zamzuu has to offer, there seems to be something here for everyone.

How do I get paid with Zamzuu?

Zamzuu employs a network marketing framework.  This means that distributors get paid on many different levels.  The cost to acquire the company duplicated website is nothing.  You can obtain the site for free and get a percentage of the commissions on any sale made on your website. You can also sign up as a Representative with Zamzuu.  As a rep, you sign up Brokers for the company and this position is also free to join in.  The way you get paid as a rep is that you earn $25.00 for every broker you sign up.  The broker position with Zamzuu has a great deal of potential.  The cost is $99.00 to sign up and a monthly broker fee of $49.95.  The role of the broker is to give away free company websites.  Brokers make money when sales are made on the sites they give away.  In essence, they get paid residuals for doing absolutely nothing!  Whatever commissions are made by the site owner, the broker matches it dollar for dollar.  Give away 100 sites.  If each site owner makes $1.00 in commission, the broker makes $100.00.  You can sign up for one or all of these positions to maximize your earning potential.   Zamuu even has a Zamuu University directed by Dean Chris Cokley that is a valuable resource for new Zamzuu agents. 

Zamzuu University Dean

Overall, Zamzuu can be a highly productive program for both online and offline marketers.  The modest sign-up fees make it attractive to new network marketers as well as the seasoned mlm’er searching for a good opportunity to expand their business.  Before joining any business opportunity, we all need a game plan on how to achieve success.  The bottom line is that your success will depend on your ability to attract, recruit and retain loyal clients and team members.  You can sharpen your networking skills by using our powerful and proven system to market your business right out of the gate! Find out more on branding yourself and your business at

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